New Amplitude Trailer Released!

Check out the new trailer for Amplitude! It looks amazing!

We are very HAPPY to see an official trailer promoting the new Amplitude! We hope that it encourages new fans to see the greatness that came before Guitar Hero and Rock Band and experience Harmonix at their finest.

If you've never heard of Amplitude, familiarize yourself with its origin's here and then school all of your friends!

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Based on the new completely mesmerizing trailer and our experience at the PlayStation Experience, we notice quite a few differences. The tracks look more complete visually by way of texture, line and color. Secondly, in multi-player mode, the tracks are more emphasized when a player is on their track allowing less confusion, which was a problem we noted while playing the demo. It was at times impossible to tell what track you were on. This appears to be either fixed or almost there.

Lastly, more details are present. The power-ups look more stylized and complete and the score box and power-up indicator has been refined tremendously. This is something that was an issue during the demo, but it appears that this has been taken care of flawlessly.

Written by Peachio on Tuesday March 3, 2015
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