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I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas so that I could try the new Amplitude at the inaugural PlayStation Experience event. It was very important for me to attend this event because I have been waiting for a new Amplitude game for over ten years now and wanted to learn as much as I could about it.

The Harmonix team, DJ ROBB and I!

The excitement I have for the new Amplitude steadily increases every time I read about a new backer update or see a new video of Ryan Lesser demonstrating the features of the game. I practiced FreQuency and Amplitude for a couple of weeks before venturing off to PSX so that I could be better prepared for what the developers had in store for everyone.

As Peach and I arrived we waited in long lines to receive our tickets to enter the floor. When we entered the PlayStation keynote was already underway. We waited patiently and learned about the amazing new games that are in development and coming soon. Some of the titles we found to be interesting were Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, and Gang Beasts just to name a few. After the keynote finished our first mission was to find the Amplitude booth. The PlayStation Experience floor was so big it took a good twenty-five minutes to find the Amplitude booth. As we arrived in our matching Run DMC shirts, Peach and I were greeted with open arms from DJ Robb. I had no idea we would meet another FreQ, especially one as awesome as DJ Robb. I cannot express how awesome it was to meet another passionate fan from FreQuency and Amplitude!

On our first game, Peach, Robb, and I played a multiplayer match with a random person. I think we would all agree that it was AMAZING! The feel of the original game was already apparent in this early pre-alpha build of the game. This made me really wonder how great the finished product will be. There are a few questions that I had about Amplitude that were immediately answered as I played the game. It was apparent that multiplayer wasn’t fully tweaked but when I played single player Amplitude it was definitely spot on! It felt so natural because all of our normal controls were there, the view felt great, and the music was pumping.

Song selection screen

Peach, Dane (DJ Robb), and I literally spent all day at the Amplitude booth learning as much as we could, helping others as much as we could, and just having a great time. There were a lot of great games to be had between all levels of players.

My excitement went through the roof as I played the pre-alpha build of single player Amplitude. It was exceptionally fun and captured my heart instantaneously! What’s really cool about playing the new Amplitude is actually watching someone else play it as well. For example, on one occasion the game was really intense and I died. I was so astonished by the loss I looked around and the person behind me excitedly told me to try it again.

My highest score of the weekend!

One of the coolest experiences was to meet the other FreQs and the Harmonix Crew while we were there. We met DJ Robb and hung around with him the whole weekend. He is an exceptionally cool guy whose passion for others really inspired Peach and I. Not only did we all play the new Amplitude all day but we had a chance to test out some of the new games and even play some old school FreQ and Amp(2003) games at his place. We reminisced about the community while remixing Freezepop’s Super Sprøde. Our main focus at the Amplitude booth was to help others learn how to play and help spread the Amplitude love. There were a lot of interesting new FreQs that left the booth excited about the game including Curtis who was actually working different kiosks for Sony. Curtis played Amplitude during his break times and provided everyone with a great challenge!

Amplitude in action

Lastly, the Harmonix team working on Amplitude is definitely the best. They showed their support for the fans by helping all the new players, answering all of our questions, and playing games with us. Pope definitely had keen sense of using power-ups at just the right time to provide a taste of competition with the game but it was so fun. He also worked the space age speakers when we would accidentally synthesize them. Speaking of the speakers, Alex Rigopulos went to personally buy some speakers for the Amplitude booth because the TV speakers were not loud enough for the wild crowd of the PlayStation Experience. That was dedication on Alex’s part and I commend him for that. I had an awesome time talking to Annette and Nick about all of the different aspects of the new Amplitude and we all had such a fun time playing games. They even asked DJ Robb, Peach, and I to play during the Amplitude live stream demonstration and interview with Alex Rigopulos. It was great and was such an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see what the Harmonix team has in store for the full Amplitude game. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the backers and want to assure you the new Amplitude is going to be a blast! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!

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