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If you love remixing, music, creating videos and spending the majority of your day on your iPhone, VidRhythm is your next must-have app.#
VidRhythm screenshots taken from my iphone5. iPhone mock-ups from MediaLoot

Let me start off by saying, I am obsessed with a certain kind of app. If it falls into the category of changing how you look, sound, or involves extremely cool effects, I'm all over it. I might as well sign over my paycheck before it's released. However, I do read the reviews before buying any app because I feel as if it helps me make a more informed decision about the purchase. For this reason, I have decided to showcase VidRhythm in order to offer key points as to why you should obtain this app for yourself.

At a Glance

Where to buy: iTunes search VidRhythm

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 5/5 stars for creativity, fun, and amazing videos that will impress all of your friends and their pets!

Let's start off with, what exactly is VidRhythm?

VidRhythm is an iOS App released in 2011 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. True to Harmonix’s goal of helping non-musicians feel the joy of creating music, the app allows users to create crazy music videos without any editing or music skills. Video-sample yourself, your friends, your pets, or anything else, and the app instantly creates a crazy video remix that you can share with friends on YouTube and Facebook. Join the over 2 million people who have already downloaded VidRhythm now!

via Harmonix Music Systems

It sounds great! How does it measure visually? Well, it's one of the nicest and most colorful designs I've ever seen in an app. This is kind of a huge deal. The following screenshots give you a glimpse into the user interface but viewing images alone can not bring you the immense joy of actually creating your very own video masterpiece.

IMG_9578.PNG IMG_9580.PNG IMG_9577.PNG

VidRhythm screenshots of user interface taken from my iPhone5.
These screenshots only show a portion of the options available.

So far so good, but how does it work?

In order to actually create a fully customized video with music and effects you will simply need to select a few options such as choosing a song and a style. The user (thats you!) will be prompted to input a few voice tracks that will be used to compile the end result, a perfectly crafted yet equally trippy tune and video. The best part about this app is that you do not have to be human to use it. What does that mean? It means all of your alien friends can use it too and even your pets.

This sounds too good to be true. How can my pets use this app?

We put the app to the test and found that it works amazingly well with cats contributing the main vocals but its fun for just about anyone! If you don't believe me, please take a look at a screen shot of this cat singing.


Photo posted with my cat's permission.

Something for everyone!

VidRhythm seamlessly builds an amazing song and video for you in just a few minutes! This particular setting even adds tons of bling and cat pictures to the background of the video. If cat's aren't your thing, don't worry. The app has several settings that allow you to completely change the atmosphere of your video that will enhance all of your greatest features in the most appealing way.


We love this app because it's a nifty way to create custom music videos that sound and look completely radical on the fly. The results are are both hilarious and impressive. The quality of the video's produced are top-notch. Not only does this app do all of the hard work for you, but best of all, this incredible gem is only $1.99!

Visit the Harmonix website to
download the app today!

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